Monday, May 3, 2010

Elegant and Easy Doily

This was worked with #20 Thread Coats & Clarks Big Ball and #10 hook and measures 9¼ inches point to point. The pattern is from Coats & Clarks Book No. 285 "All Time Favorites" published in 1980.

I believe this pretty old pattern may be in the public domain, it was once featured in "Old Time Crochet". I haven't found the pattern on the web yet.
The 1980 patternbook called Red Heart Lustersheen, a size 5 hook and measured 19 inches across. I made the pattern once with a cotton and rayon yarn, and a size 2 hook. It measured about 23 inches across.

It works up quickly. If you want to make an elegant doily and time is short, this is a good choice. It's best worked firmly so the pattern is well delineated.


  1. I have this pattern if you would like a copy

    1. I have the pattern, but it is still in copyright. If you have a public domain version of this pattern, I would be thrilled to share a link on my blog.
      This is one of the easiest patterns to make and it makes a lovely doily. It's a great starter pattern for anyone who wants to try making doilies, or it's a easy go to pattern for travel and quick projects.
      Thank you for your feedback Judy.

    2. Yes I would love to have this pattern
      Thank You

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    4. The booklet linked above is frequently available on eBay or Etsy. It is not expensive and includes other easy and attractive doilies and motifs. When I find the original pattern in the public domain I will post it.

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