Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Cluny Lace" Motif for Tablecloth, Runner, Chair Set

This is a good piece to practice some more complex instructions - this one has a few extra turns. This sample was made as gift for a friend who wanted a tiny doily. It was made with DMC Cebelia #10 thread and an 8 or 9 hook and measured 6 inches across. This makes and elegant and sturdy dresser scarf or table runner.

Here are the instructions for the motif.  I'll post the entire pattern shortly, which includes instructions for joining motifs.

Here are the rest of the instructions.  Click on the photo for a super large image.
If you cannot download the pdf version, email CrochetedLace at gmail dot com and I will send the PDF file.


  1. Another gorgeous crochet pattern! Love these older versions of this art! Thanks for sharing...and thanks so much for all of your enjoyable comments on my blogs. It's always a treat to year from you!
    Hugs for the holiday!

  2. It's a beautiful pattern..I made the motif, now waiting for instructions from you on how to joing them.Please post instructions on how to join them.

  3. Karuna - Thank you for your interest. I have uploaded the rest of the instructions. Please keep in touch with your progress on this pattern!