Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crocheted Sunflower!

When I was about 9 and just learning to crochet, I made some terrible hotpads for my grandmother.  They looked good, but didn't offer protection. They were made with green rug yarn and on the other side I sewed some nice flowery cotton recycled from an old shirt. There was no filler so they didn't block the heat.
One day when I was visiting I asked if she was using the hot pads and she explained that they didn't work, but not to worry, she'd frogged them and made something else!  She had made a sunflower for her broom handle.  She used the green yarn to crochet a long tube with which slid over the broom handle and then topped it with a sunflower.  I remember it had green leaves on the handle and the flower was big and cheerful. But I don't remember if the flower was also crocheted or made of fabric.

But when I saw this cute sunflower pattern, I remembered the silly hotpads and her recycling.  I bet she decided to make the broom handle thing and thought, "Hmmm, if only I had some green yarn..." and her eyes lit on those lousy hotpads and the rest is kitchen kitsch history.
Done in thread, this would be a cute way to brighten a sweater or hat. Done in yarn and attached to a long green tube it would really dress up your broom!

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