Thursday, December 2, 2010

Next Project - Setting Sun Doily from Priscilla Doilies Book No. 324

I love this old pattern.  I made this many years ago with peach colored knit cro sheen and a rather large hook. It would be so much nicer with  finer thread in an ivory color. I have some beautiful Olympus Thread No. 40, which is about the same as size 20. It should be about 21" completed with #20 thread.  I'd like to get some finer Olympus thread soon, it's so lovely to work.
The edging is similar to the recently completed Corticelli Doily, but much prettier and more detailed. Although the doily is shown with the edge slightly ruffled, it works just as well flat. 

When I was  about 19, I managed to adapt just the border edging for a pillow case edging using size 30 thread. I gave it to my mother for her birthday.  She always said she wanted some really nice pillow case lace. She put the lace in her dresser drawer and never used it of course! (You know, that drawer where mothers put all those gifts that are "too nice to use".)

UPDATE!! Free Vintage Crochet has recently uploaded this pattern.



  1. I have that vintage book in my collection, but have not made that doily.....It's really pretty

  2. I also have this book. Can't say if I've made any doilies from this book; however, I do know that I have not made the cover page doily.

    Why not post a pic of your peach-colored version? Besides myself, I'm sure others would like to see it.