Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crocheted Pinwheel Tablecloth

This should work up quickly, the motifs are joined as you go, and no fill in motifs!
Work several motifs with the edging for an easy runner or doily.  This is a nice beginner pattern for someone to practice joining motifs with thread crochet. 

Click below for complete instructions.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spider Lace Pillow Case Edging

This pattern works up quickly and is worked from a foundation chain of 29 stitches so it's quick and portable.

Click here to download the entire pattern :

"Ballerina" Crocheted Tablecloth Pattern

Click on the Image to view a large image of the motif.  This is 5" across with #20 thread and size 9 hook. I made the motif for a friend who needed a little doily.

Click on the image below for the complete tablecloth instructions.  I think this is from a 1930's pattern book - I do not have the booklet cover.  Although the instructions are to join the motifs by sewing them together, they could probably be joined with slip stitches as they are completed and then completed with the fill in motifs.